Sunday, 2 November 2014

A land before time.

This term we are learning about Dinosaurs.
We started the unit by finding out we already know about Dinosaurs.
We came up with some interesting questions about what we want to find out about Dinosaurs.
Mr Mac's Dad made us some wooden Dinosaurs. We made a plan first of what we wanted them to look like. Then we sponged them. Then we added the details with black pen.
Have a look and tell us what you think.

 Then we had an amazing trip to the Museum.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Grandparents Reading to us in Book Week.

We were very lucky to have 7 grandparents come to Room 9a to read to us.
Thanks so much for coming to read to us.
                                          Sienna's lovely Granddad.
                                          Diamond's Poppa.
                                         James's Nana
                                          Dylan's Poppa
                                          Shiloh's Nana and Poppa.

Dress up day

A beautiful Rapunzel.

Book Character Parade

What an amazing week we have had.
We made character books and book marks.
We had lovely Grandparents come and read to us on Wednesday.
We planted jack's beanstalk with our buddies.
We had lots of stories and we had lots of fun.
We ended the week with a book character parade.

Dress up day

A scary pirate.
Puss in Boots.
A pretty fairy

Dress up day

More gorgeous children dressed up. 

Dress up day

What a wicked Witch of the West.